Discover our refuges. They have been organized according to the massif they are placed on, so that you can find the most suitable for your adventure. And if you decide on one, don't forget that you can make a reservation in the corresponding section.

Urrieles - Central Massif

Macizo Central (Cantabria) 2.325m
Macizo Central (Castilla y León) 2.604m
Macizo Central (Asturias) 2.034m
Macizo Central (Asturias) 1.300m
Macizo Central (Asturias) 1.960m

Cornión - Occidental Massif

Macizo Occidental (Asturias) 1.630m
Macizo Occidental (Castilla y León) 1.432m
Macizo Occidental (Asturias) 1.470m

Andara - Oriental Massif

Macizo Oriental (Cantabria) 1.725m